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By Dr Paulose, ENT Consultant Surgeon

Snoring is a cry for help, like a fog horn warning of danger. Don’t laugh or get angry at the snorer. They need help! It's a killer disease. So if snoring is such a problem, what can you do to fix it? Find out the answers in this ebook:

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  • "Dr Paulose is a distinguished Consultant ENT, Plastic and Laser Surgeon. His special skills are to be found in the fields of cosmetic surgery and the investigation and treatment of snoring. These videos, prepared over many hours, seek to give the viewer the closest view of Dr Paulose's work."
    Dr Neil Weir, MD MA FRCS, Consultant ENT Surgeon
  • "Dr Paulose's professional career has been distinguished and successful, and I regard him today as an excellent surgeon and doctor."
    Dr John Cherry, MB, BS, FRCS, Consultant ENT Surgeon
  • "My snoring was so bad that my wife often made me sleep in a different room. Thanks to the advice of Dr Paulose, I'm cured. Happy wife, happy life!"
    R Surendran, India
  • "I had all the information I needed to know before seeing the doctor. He was surprized about my knowledge about snoring. This helped me reduce his consultation time, get to the point, and more importantly get cured and breathe easy!"
    Mohammed Ibrahim, Dubai

ATTN: Medical Students! Before you go in for your next operation, arm yourself with knowledge not taught in the classroom...

By Dr Paulose, ENT Consultant Surgeon

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